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Agatsuma Zenitsu is a demon slayer and member of dmon slaying corps in anime serial Kimetsu no Yaiba. Friends of Tanjiro Kamado and his sister Nezuko Kamado. Download for free Agatsuma Zenitsu Wallpaper for all you device, mobile, tablet, desktop, smartphone.

The apple is a young man with clean skin, pale brown and gold, who disappears, dropping down with frightened eyes. He has short and yellow hair of various lengths, both ends are evenly cut, fade to dark orange and fall in front of his face with irregular fringe. Zenith’s hair was originally black before he became a killer demon, but they changed the color that was struck by lightning during training.

After the battle on Mount Nattagmo for some time, his limbs temporarily fell ill with the poison of the devil, but then he was able to return to normal thanks to the medicine that Shinobu Takamachi gave him.

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He wears a light brown version of the standard demon hunter uniform. This is a dark brown Gakulan jacket, a white belt around the waist, elongated trousers and its characteristic chaoric yellow-orange white-shaded triangle. In addition, Zenica wears a pair of tabi-socks and white lace, tied in front of three white bows with the same motif as Haori.

But despite these weaknesses, Zenitsa wants to meet the expectations that others put on him and will do his best when necessary. He respects his companions and his late teacher, Jigoro Kuwashima, with respect and admiration, and the desire to turn his inner focus and retake is always a co-illness and thought when he is in a difficult situation Helps to wash away.

Zenit has also been shown to be a mimic of feminization. He, in his opinion, tends to beat a cute girl and ask their great annoyance to marry him. [3] This feminine nature has been shown to be more important than his obedient personality. Especially when he believes that his companion is “flirting” with a cute girl, he immediately approaches his senses and falls into long hysterical quarrels and complaints. At this point he also shows a physical attack that attacks desperately.

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