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Pocahontas wallpaper hd |Pocahontas background | pocahontas background art, The legendary figure of a work of art in the animated film this time is Princess Pocahontas, Princess Pocahontas known by the name Amonute, she is the daughter of Powhatan the chieftain of virginia, and after being banned in the name Rebecca

Pocahontas is Pawhatan’s favorite daughter, the monstrous ruler of more than 30 Algonquian-speaking tribes in and around the area claimed by the first British settlers was Jamestown, Virginia. Years later, after no one was able to challenge the facts, John Smith was the beautiful daughter of a strong native leader, and was executed by his father, an English adventurer, by his father. I wrote about how I saved him.

Pocahontas Wallpaper, The story of Pocahontas, which discusses its own people and alliances with English, thus finding a common ground for both cultures, has been going on for centuries. But in reality, Pocahontas life is very different from how Smith and traditional culture communicate.

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Nineteen or twelve-year-old Pocahontas may have misunderstood Smith as a ceremonial ritual, or simply picked up a story from the popular Scottish ballad, if he saved the trade army and reconnaissance. There is even controversy because it doesn’t exist.

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