Laura X-23 HD Wallpaper

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X-23 is a superhero of a fictional story that appears in an American comic book published by Marvel Comics.

Wolverine’s character must be known. For those who don’t know, Wolverine is a mutant member and a senior member of X-Men. Wolverine, nicknamed Logan Howlett, was born in 1832 in Alberta, Canada. At age 13, Logan began to feel his body shift from a normal man to a mutant. Nails began to emerge from his hands, and his body became stronger.

Logan also has the power to heal quickly, so Logan is an eternal human. Logan then began life through various important events throughout the world, including World War I and World War II, the Vietnam War, mutant wars, and humans, and returning to the past to change the future. Well, Logan (2017) tells the newest story in the film 2029.

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