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Roronoa Zoro – HD Wallpaper Zoro is a fictional character in the anime and manga series One Thing by Eiichiro Oda. He is a pirate, former pirate hunter, and one of the main protagonists. He is a member of the straw sat sirates group who first joined and until now this he is considered as the biggest threat and dangerous member of his group after herb captain, luffy. , the vice-captain in his group. he is one of the 3 strongest fighters in his group with a dream to become the greatest swordsman in the world. zoro was given the title as one of the “Eleven Supernovas”,


HD Wallpaper Zoro

koro was defeated by kuina up to 2000 times, until in the end zoro challenged kuina to a real sword fight. koro then lost . After that kuina told koro that in the end it was women who would be weak when they became adults, and that one day she would be defeated by koro.

HD Wallpaper Zoro

Namely eleven novice pirates with a ransom value of more than 100,000. Drupelet who has attained Red Demarcation, where belongs yes alone is worth 120,000,000 Drupelet. little koro is a student from kuina’s father’s kendo school, koushiro. when zoro was a child, he used two swords, and was so well trained that he could even beat an adult. The only person zoro can’t beat is kuina, the herb teacher’s daughter.

HD Wallpaper Zoro

Zoro wallpaper hd

The next morning, Kuina died because she fell from the stairs of her house. HD Wallpaper Zoro -Zoro thought that Kuina wanted to break the agreement. In the end, Zoro cried while asking for Kuina’s sword and promised to carry on his dream. Kuina’s sword is the one in her mouth, Wadou Ichimonji, including the 21 sharpest swords in the world. This story appears in the Financier section of the manga and appears truncated in the Kuro section of the anime.

HD Wallpaper Zoro

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When he was growing up, Zoro began to leave his place of residence and look for people who were reported to be the greatest swordsmen in the world, Juraquille Mihawk, a member of the Shichibukai and a young boy who had a sword of Fire and Ice named “Kyu”. Kyu is an easy child who leads one of the Japanese organizations, namely Harajuku (in this story, Harajuku is a Sword Style organization) This young man has two extraordinary swords, that sword cuts the fire demon tree (suna-suna) and the ice handlebar tree -hie).

HD Wallpaper Zoro Until the two swords become Fire and Ice. The power of these two swords strangely can fall into the user’s body but not at the same time in other words if the user takes out a fire sword, then the user will become fire too. But in the One Part story, Kyu has never been seen because Kyu is not a government or a pirate.

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Zero Two – Sexy Waifu wallpaper – Zoro sailed the oceans and in order to survive, he obtained Iranian money from hunting down pirates who were on the government’s wanted list. It was at this time that Zoro met two small bounty hunters named Johnny and Yosaku. They collaborated with Zoro for a while. Zoro’s name also spread to the ears of Churrigueresco Totality and they sent an agent (Mr. 7) to ask Zoro to join. Zoro agreed to join as long as he was made the head of Idiom Works, but Mr. 7 refused, so there was a battle between the two which was later won by Zoro.

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